Friday, August 6, 2010

On a lighter note …

Because I’m feeling rather sentimental today, I thought I would share one of my recent family stampin’ moments.

A few weeks ago my grand daughter wanted to make a special card for her father.  I let her loose in Stampin’ Central, the only thing off limits to her are my precious markers!  After a few minutes of watching the little tornado, I decided it best to cover her up and save her clothing from potential disaster.  Here she is hard at work choosing the perfect stamps for daddy’s card and in deep concentration to get those images placed exactly where she wants them.  She totally rocks that Stampin’ Up! apron! 



Notice the almost empty spool of sticky strip on the top of the mat … it will come into play later.P6290005a

Like all good little demos, she takes time to focus on her admirers and flash them that gorgeous smile of enthusiasm.  She definitely loves what she does, and is more than willing to share!




Welllllllll ……… P6290006a

Until Auntie decides to get into the act – she wants her turn at a photo op too!

I suppose I do need to give kudos to Auntie, for supervising our little devil in disguise throughout this adventure. 



Remember back at the beginning of this post when I told you to not forget about that almost empty spool of sticky tape?  Leave it up to the mind of a 6 year old to find a way to recycle and repurpose an item that screams “trash bucket” to the rest of us.

P6290007a A beautiful flashy bracelet that all of her friends would die for (no, this was NOT a gift for her father)!  There was no additional adhesive used for this creation.  All those beads stuck wonderfully to the residue left behind from the tape.  Now we know our Sticky Strip truly IS amazing stuff to work with!

Thanks for letting me share this with you.  I’m sure going to miss these precious moments when she and her family move across the country in the next few days.


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